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Matt is a vibrant teacher – with a lot of humor and knowledge about comedy, he learned the group new stuff about, how to use relationship of your own and the other character on stage and their emotions, as a tool to create comedy-moments. Matt created a fun ambiance and has a great deal of energy he spreads all over the room. Thanks!


-Cindy Pittens (CP IMPRO)

"Matt is a thoughtful and charismatic improv teacher that you need to learn from! He approaches his students with support, devotion and respect. He gives his students the ability to be themselves but guides them by giving honest feedback so students can continue to develop their improv skills. He promotes a safe, fun and collaborative environment that allows the class to bond and create great work. I wouldn't be the same improviser if it wasnt for Castellvi.


- MIke B, (CSz Theater Chicago)

Matt is easily one of the best teachers I’ve had. His passion, experience, and knowledge combined to give me a comprehensive and fun fun fun class that continues to serve me everyday. Cant recommend Matt as a teacher enough!


- Alex B. (CSz Theater Chicago)

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